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Creekbend Meadows ADM Darcy

DOB: 11/05/12
Registered with ADGA
Naturally Polled

SGM FR Tachauana's Admiral SGM S Faith's Revelation Caesar's Villa P Stedman *S Caesar's Villa R Pinochle *S
AR Caesar's Villa Sharon's Delight 2*D
Caesar's Villa P Faith Caesar's Villa AD Pistol
Caesar's Villa FZ
First Class 3*D
Buttin'Heads Tachauna Buttin'Heads Lepryechaun *S Buttin'Heads
Swhiz on Rye *S
ARMCH Buttin'Heads Camisole' 2*D
Buttin'Heads Montserrat Buttin'Heads Montwhizuma
ARMCH Columbus Zoo Chelsie *D
KACO Yellow Rose Stripe CH MCH PGCH Little Tots Estate
Thalictrum *B

11x GCH, 2x JR CH, 3x RSR CH, 1x Best in Show
PGCH MCH GCH Little Tots Estate
Tsuga B

11x Grand Champion, 2x Best In Show
Creek Road Envoy
PGCH Woodhaven Farms Cowgirl 1*M
PGCH Brush Creek

5x Grand Champion Senior Doe
Buttin'Heads Cardiologist
Jeanie's Jewel Opal
KACO Yellow Rose April CH Kaapio Acres KK
Chief Justice

4x Grand Champion Buck
MCH Rosasharn Tom's Keiki Kane
CH MCH PGCH Gay-Mor B Lacewings Parsley
Dill Pickle LT Rain Orchid Little Rascals Lestat
Ponders End Araina *D VG AR

*This pedigree is accurate to the best of my knowledge

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