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One of the biggest struggles for our small backyard herd has been breeding without owning our own buck.

It is very difficult, in our experience, to find breeders with excellent stock willing to service outside does; either on their place or yours. This is completely understandable. The health and well being of both herds are at stake when bringing outside animals to your farm or sending one of yours off. Not to mention the financial risk you are taking with the animals.

We tried doing a "drive-way breeding", loading three does into crates in the back of our trailblazer and driving almost two hours one way. It started sprinkling when we got there. Our does were less than enthusiastic. None of them settled. Not one. Maybe we missed "standing heat". Maybe they were stressed from the trip. Maybe the rain was a mood spoiler. Maybe, maybe, maybe...

Keeping a buck full-time is quite an undertaking. We needed to be set up to house, feed and shelter him separate from our does. Goats are not solitary creatures so our boy would also require a companion. A lot of folks house wethers with their bucks. With a small herd this may not be feasible. As much as we love our animals they have got to carry their weight and pay their own way.

With all of this in mind we bit the bullet and purchased not one but TWO great, young bucks. We have decided to offer them as studs to other small, clean and healthy backyard herds. This is two fold, the boys can help pay their way and we'll be helping others who are not set up to keep a buck full-time.

Our Stud Service Policy is below. The requirements are pretty stringent. This is to protect both of our herds.

FussBudget Farm Stud Service Policy

Health and Care Requirements

BOTH Buck and Doe Owner’s Herds

  • Must have current proof of negative CAE & Johnes test results
  • Must be current on C, D, & T Vaccination
  • State that their herds are healthy, animals are in breed able condition, and free from any known illnesses, diseases, infections, abscesses, worms, mange, lice, fungus, ect...
  • Feet should be trimmed and free of visible foot rot
  • Agree to offer farm visits to the other party prior to agreement date

Doe(s) Owner

  • Is responsible for the Buck’s transport to and from the Doe(s) Owner’s farm
  • Will provide adequate fencing, shelter, water and hay/browse as to maintain overall health and well being of the Buck while in the possession of the Doe(s) Owner
  • The Buck is to be fed browse and mixed grass hay ONLY and not alfalfa hay or grain
  • Agrees to keep the Doe(s) confined and inaccessible to all other male goats from the start of heat cycle until the Doe(s) is fully out of heat
  • Agrees the Buck is to be housed separately from all other unaltered males at all times
  • Agrees the Buck will not be used for other “outside” breeding unless authorized by FussBudget Farm in advance
  • Agrees to not introduce any outside animals to their herd during the duration of this agreement

Buck Owner

  • Agrees to supply the Doe(s) Owner with a service memo for each agreed upon serviced Doe at the time the Buck is returned to FussBudget Farm
  • Cannot guarantee size, color or sex of any offspring, but will honestly reveal any known issues that may have arisen in the production from the Buck's line, i.e. oversize, spur teats, etc.

A partially refundable $500 deposit will be made for the cost of the Buck; to be refunded when the Buck is returned to FussBudget Farm alive, unharmed and applicable fees are collected.

The stud service fee is $100.00 for the first Doe and $50 each for each additional Doe to be serviced. The fee will be deducted from the deposit upon the Bucks return to FussBudget Farm.

At the end of the 30 day agreement the Buck will be returned to FussBudget Farm. A $10, per additional day, late charge will be applied and deducted from the deposit. Should the Buck’s return to FussBudget Farm exceed 14 days past agreed return date the Doe(s) Owner forfeits the full deposit.

All fees are payment for the stud service only and are not to be construed as a guarantee of kids. If a Doe fails to become pregnant the Doe(s) Owner may notify the Buck’s Owner not more than 65 days after the date of the breeding. There shall be no refund in whole or part, but a return service to the same Buck shall be provided at the same Doe’s next heat if both are still available; if not available, to an agreed alternate. The same Health and Care Requirements, as listed above, apply. An agreed upon fully refundable deposit will be made at this time; to be refunded when the Buck is returned alive and unharmed. If the Doe fails to become pregnant as a result of this second (14 Day) breeding, then this agreement shall be terminated and the Buck Owner shall have no further obligations.

If ownership of the Doe changes, right of return service shall be at the option of the Buck Owner.