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Lil' Hill Farm Ring O' Fire *B SG Dill's CC Set Fire To The Rain *B Dill's GA Cowboy Cassanova *B SG Dill's BF Genuine Article *B NC PromisedLand RC Bonafide *S
SGCH Dill's TG Brand New Girlfriend *M/*D
GCH/MCH Dill's TG Lucille Two 3*M Dill's LD Top Gun *S
MCH Gay-Mor's LR Kitty's Meow 2*M/2*D,E
GCH/MCH Dill's FH Doo Wop 5*D/*M PromisedLand LD Full House *S, *B ARMCH Twin Creek LS Luck of the Draw +*S,E
Ceasar's Villa GD Zippy 3*D AR
SG/MCH PromisedLand CP Shaboom 4*D ARMCH Caesar's Villa CBS Cowpoke ++*S +B E
PromisedLand Be-Boppa-Lula 3*D
NC PromisedLand RB Fiona 2*M AR2014/2*D AR2742 SG NC PromisedLand Ram-Beau *S ++B E91 SG NC PromisedLand MG Beau +*S +B (Sire of National Best Udder) SG ARMCH PromisedLand S Mel Gibson +S VG
PromisedLand My Fair Lady 3*D
Caesar's Villa DM Lizzie 3*D 1*M Dover Cliff Duncan
Caesar's Villa CBS Lynn Marie 2*D
ARMCH/GCH PromisedLand CP Babe's Finale *D *M E92.1 E90 ARMCH Caesar's Villa CBS Cowpoke ++*S +B E Stonewall's Midnight Cowboy ++S
Goodwood Mindy *D
Meghan's Own Babe Woodhaven Farms CZonka
Shady Oaks Cottontail
FussBudget Farm RT Catastrophe Lil' Hill Farm RVW RipTide *B +*B Rosasharn SP Rip Van Winkle GA *S ARMCHRosasharn SW Sopporo *S Doe-Sy-Doe's FS Storm Warning*S
ARMCH Rosasharn's Unagi 4*D 'E'
Rosasharn's P Pennsylvania 4*D, 4*M Doe-Sy-Doe's Patte'n
Rosasharn Tom's Bit-A-Lily4*D, 2*M
SGLil' Hill Farm SC Sugar Shack 2*M 2015 LA VE++84 Lil' Hill Farm T Sam Colt MCHBrush Creek SF Talisman G+
Kids Corral Ts Blessing 1*M ,1*D
GCHMI Sugarcreek St Wilma1*M/4*D Sugar Creek's SS Stormtrooper*S
Sugar Creek PG Tailor 3*D
FussBudget Farm LD Calamity Jane SGM PT Lonesome Dove TX Twincreeks FAX Pico Truffle *S *B Twin Creeks WB Shadowfax *S LA 91
MCH/GCH Gay-Mor's JJU Nonpareil 3*D 1*M EEE92
Piddlin Acres PV Luna Twin Creeks BW Peaceful Voyage * S VG
Piddlin Acres Moonshadow E
Lil' Hill Farm SB Evangeline Bayou Country SOC Silver Bullet MCH/CH Bluff Creek PH Socrates
Thunderhill A Elektra 2011 NDGA National Res Grand Champ Dry Sr Doe ADGA -1X SR. Grand Champion, 1X SR. Best of Breed, 2X Best Udder, 2X SR. Res Grand Champion, 1X JR. Grand Champion, 1X JR. Best in Show AGS - 1X SR. Grand Champion, 2X Best Udder, 2X SR. Res Grand Champion 2X JR. Grand Champion, 1X JR. Best in Show NDGA - 1X JR. Grand Champion
Lil' Hill Farm PC Abrianne NC PromisedLand Paycheck
Thunderhill A Aeon Flux

*This pedigree is accurate to the best of my knowledge

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