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Sales Policy & Terms and Conditions

Reservations and FROR (First Right of Refusal)

Reservations are taken on a first come basis. If you would like to reserve a kid prior to birth email  Your name will be placed next to the pairing with your doeling / buckling preference. Buckling reservations will take precedence over reservations for wethers until "Holding Agreement" has been made and deposit received. No deposit is required to be on the reservation list.

Once kids are born and deemed healthy by FussBudget Farm, the first person on the list will be notified via email. That person will have 48 hours (from the time of original sent email) to either reserve or refuse the animal. Within 5 business days of intent to reserve an animal, deposit is due; $100 per doeling, $50 per buckling, $25 per wether. Confirmation of reservation will be sent via email. If the first person on the list does not wish to reserve the kid(s) or does not respond within 48 hours the kid(s) will be offered to the next person on the list.

Craigslist Ads and Social Media Crossposted Listings

Plausible inquiries are prioritized on a first come first serve basis. Once an intent to purchase is expressed and acknowledged the agreement must be secured by deposit. If no deposit is received within 24 hours the next person in line will be notified of availability.

Deposit(s)* **

Purchase agreements are not binding until deposit has been received by FussBudget Farm. Deposits will be applied to the purchase price of the animal. Deposits will hold kids 10 weeks from birth and adults for 10 days, unless other agreement is made.

Purchaser must pick up animal(s) or arrange transport. Animal(s) not picked up at the end of purchase agreement will be made available for sale by FussBudget Farm and purchaser forfeits deposit and other monies paid.


Kids' prices are listed on yearly kidding schedules. Adult animals will be listed separately on For Sale page.


FussBudget Farm accepts payments thru PayPal (with no additional charge), Cash or Money Order. Personal checks are only accepted for deposits, a least two weeks prior to pick up. Animal(s) must be paid for IN FULL prior to pick-up or transport.


Kids will be disbudded, tattooed, de-wormed and have their hooves trimmed.  They will receive their CD/T vaccination at 6 and 10 weeks of age.

Adult animals will be CAE & Johnes negative, up to date on CD/T vaccinations, de-wormed, have their hooves trimmed and be given supplemental vitamins.

FussBudget Farm can supply proof of herd's negative CAE and Johnes testing. Other testing, examinations or certifications will be the responsibility of the buyer.


Transferable ADGA Registration paperwork will accompany all registered doe/doeling and adult buck sales.  Transferable registration application will accompany all intact buckling sales.  Adult bucks will have DNA on file with ADGA.

Pet quality bucklings will only be sold as wethers. Certificate of Identification paperwork will accompany pet quality sales.

Our goats are also eligible for registration with AGS for more info click HERE.


Animals will be healthy at time of pick-up or transfer. Once an animal leaves FussBudget Farm its health becomes the responsibility of the buyer. No other guarantee is given or implied.


We are unable to accept returns. We run a closed herd, once an animal leaves our farm it could be a possible bio-hazard to allow them to return to our herd.

*Deposits (and full payment for horned animals) are Nonrefundable.

**In the event of death or illness of an animal; prior to transfer of ownership, deposit(s) may be applied to another animal or returned to buyer at the discretion of FussBudget Farm.

Fussbudget Farm reserves the right to retain any animal for any reason.

No single goat homes, please.
All sales are final.